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Central Cambria Students take to the news!

CCEF recently had the pleasure of funding a field trip to the WJAC-TV Studio through our venture grant program. The participating students created this video after their trip:


Wow look at how talented our news savvy students are!

Please also read the article about the recent trip written by CCHS student Jada McNeal. Jada is a student in Mrs. Shirk’s Broadcast and Journalism class.

Smile for the cameras!

-Jada McNeal

     On Wednesday, December 4th, Mrs. Shirk’s broadcast class and a few of Ms. Irwin’s photography students had the privilege of going on a CCEF-sponsored trip to the WJAC studio in Westmont.  The Central Cambria Education Foundation partners with businesses, community agencies, parents, cultural institutions, and institutions of higher education. This foundation develops, promotes, and finances educational programs, activities, and projects for the Central Cambria School District.  The purpose of this educational endeavor was to teach the students more about the news industry and all its workings.

Upon arriving, the students were greeted by WJAC’s own meteorologist, Jim Burton.  Mr. Burton escorted the group into the studio where he spoke about his own job, as well as the other cogs in the efficient machine that is WJAC’s broadcasting team.  The students learned about lighting, voice inflection, qualifications, and various technological facets of the crew, such as building graphics.  Then, luckily, the Central Cambria team got to see the professionals in action.

The students and chaperones sat silently and watched the live noon broadcast of WJAC’s news, and were fascinated by how quickly adjustments were made to keep the show running smoothly. After a seamless run of the news, students were given the opportunity to ask questions.  One student asked how much it costs to build the studio pieces, and was surprised to find that every six to eight years, the WJAC set is redone for roughly $120,000!  Another student asked how Mr. Burton seemed so comfortable and professional both on and off the air, and was told that one’s own personality is very important in a media profession – you have to get the facts across, sure, but you have to add your own personal flare.  The only better accessory than a nice tie is a sparkling personality when you’re an anchor!

Who knows?  Maybe someday one of our own Red Devils will be giving you the latest scoop, live at six!  This just in: Central Cambria students would like to thank Mrs. Shirk, Ms. Irwin, WJAC, and CCEF for making this trip possible and giving them a valuable new perspective on broadcasting careers.  Hope you smiled for the cameras, Central Cambria!

Check out what some of the students had to say about the trip HERE!.